Dancing Cat Speaker as seen on The Gadget Show

The Dancing Cat from The 2011 Gadget Show Christmas Special

As seen on The Gadget Show during Polly's test for rechargeable batteries. The Electronic Dancing Cat is designed to work with almost anything with a 3.5mm jack i.e. smart phones, MP3 players, laptops etc. This Cool Cat not only plays your music, it dances to it too! Simply connect it to your chosen audio player using the cable provided and watch it move and groove in time to your tunes.

Click here to view the Dancing Cat Speaker at Firebox.com


Dancing Cat Speaker

Don't Cha Wish Your Kitty Cat Danced Like Me?

More about the Dancing Cat Speaker

  • Cute and cuddly Dancing Cat Speaker
  • Moves in time to the music playing
  • Two function modes: Dance / Speaker
  • Compatible with the majority of audio players with a 3.5mm jack input (smart phones, MP3 players, computers, laptops etc)
  • Battery or mains-powered using a 4.5v adaptor (not included)

Battery Requirements:

  • 3x AA batteries – not included

Currently £37.99 with free delivery at Firebox.com



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