Kenwood FGP200WG Electric Spiralizer, White/Green


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Opt for healthy and nutritious meals with the Kenwood Electric Spiralizer that lets you effortlessly transform fruit and vegetables into low carb ‘spaghetti' dishes. The first electric spiralizer, this innovative design offers a refreshing twist to stir fry, casseroles, soups and more. Delicious Results in Minutes Replace carb heavy pasta, rice and even chips in your meals for all the family. The easy to use design can handle a variety of fruit and veg with new and interesting textures in your favourite dishes. No fuss and no mess, the FGP200WG spiralizer is complete with generous 0.5L container to catch your vegetable spirals, keeping your worktops clean. Durable and Powerful A stainless steel blade with a powerful 50W motor lets you create hearty and healthy meals without a cutting board or knife. Durable and perfect for creating a variety of vegetables to eat raw or for cooking inspiring and healthy dishes.

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