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Top features: РFive functions in one allow you to cook in a variety of ways РLittle to no oil needed to fry food to perfection РEasy to clean for consistent, hygienic use РLarge capacity to feed all the family Five Functions The Power AirFryer Express Health Fryer isn't just an alternative to frying. As well as air-frying, you can also grill, bake, saut̩, and roast, allowing you to experiment with alternative cooking methods when preparing your favourite foods. Little to no oil Instead of using oil and needlessly adding to overall calories, the Express Health Fryer uses a whirlwind of super-heated air that cooks your ingredients evenly and provides the same delicious taste you get when frying food traditionally, without the trans fats. Get the same incredible fast food fries taste but with 270 fewer calories! Easy to clean The Express Health Fryer's basket is completely dishwasher proof, allowing you to eject it from the device and clean without having to scour the surface to eliminate grease. All the other components are non-stick, making for an easy cleaning experience. An automatic shut-off feature provides peace of mind, stoptting the cooking cycle to prevent overcooking or burning your meal. Large capacity Cook for the whole family in one go. The Health Fryer can hold up to 3.2 litres of food, meaning there's more than enough to go around the dinner table. You can even place a whole turkey into the basket and it'll emerge piping hot and ready to carve in just 35 minutes, so Christmas is covered too.

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