POWER AIRFRYER XL Health Fryer – Black, Black

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Top features: – Healthier frying at home with little to no oil – Six cooking functions give a range of options – Easy to use and clean Healthier fryingThe Power AirFryer XL Health Fryer cooks with virtually no oil, so you can create delicious, healthier, home-made versions of your favourite fried foods, with up to 80% less fat. With a capacity of 5 litres, you can easily make meal for the whole family.The fryer heats up to 400°F and utilises super-heated cyclonic air, locking flavour and moisture underneath a golden brown crispy coating. The closed cooking system creates a safer, odour free alternative to conventional deep fat frying.Six cooking functionsThe Power AirFryer XL PAFBK5L Health Fryer offers six primary cooking functions – air-fry, grill, bake, sauté, roast and steam. It includes seven pre-programmed settings to cook all your dinnertime favourites at the ideal temperature for the exact time, including chicken, fish, steak, French fries and more.Easy to use and cleanEasy-to-use digital control panel features an LCD display with adjustable timer and temperature, giving you great control over your cooking. Automatic shut-off stops the fryer when necessary to prevent overcooking or burning your meal.There's minimal mess as an Easy-Load Fry Basket with specially designed vents direct fat and grease into the container below. Non-stick, dishwasher safe parts mean you can easily clean the fryer.

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