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Top features: – Heats up to 400°F to create a golden brown crispy coating – Less fat on your food as it uses little to no oil – Six different primary cooking functions for versatility Heats up to 400°FThe Power AirFryer XL Health Fryer is a fryer with a difference. Featuring 1500 watt power, the fryer heats up to 400°F and uses super-heated cyclonic air to fry food. This creates a golden brown crispy coating to all your favourite food. It also locks in flavour and moisture inside your food for the best possible taste.Less fatLess fat is exactly what we want to hear when cooking in the kitchen. The Power AirFryer uses little to no oil so that means not only are you saving on oil, you're reducing the amount of fat you put in your meals, which is all round a good thing.Six different cooking functionsWith six different primary cooking functions, you can air-fry, grill, bake, sauté, roast and steam. The AirFryer can be used for a whole different range of dishes so you can be as creative in the kitchen as you like.There's seven pre-set programs to choose from, including french fries, chicken, steak and fish, perfect for getting started quickly.You will also receive a recipe book with your fryer to help you get started.

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