RUSSELL HOBBS Purifry 2184 Health Fryer – White & Black, White


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Top features: – Oil-free health fryer makes healthier versions of all your family favourites – Cook different foods at once with the useful basket separator – Easy to use with fast cooking times for your convenience Oil-free health fryerEnjoy healthier versions of fried-food favourites with the Russell Hobbs Purifry 2184 Health Fryer. Cooking with fast circulating hot air instead of oil, your food retains the same great taste and crispy coating you're used to, but with fewer added calories. It's less work too as there's no oil to get rid of once the cooking's done.Cook different foodsThe Russell Hobbs Purifry 2184 Health Fryer is great for cooking all types of food. From tasty chips, to mouth-watering chicken and nutritious vegetables, you can make everything you need for a balanced dinner. Its functions include air frying, roasting, grilling and baking, so you can even make cakes. And with a useful basket separator dividing the cooking areas, you're free to make two dishes at once.Easy to useThe Purifry heats up instantly and cooks your food faster than traditional deep frying, giving you more time with your family and less spent in the kitchen.With no oil bubbling away there's no greasy odour – the only thing you'll be able to smell is your food. Keep tabs on its progress via the useful viewing window.

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