The Music from the New Heineken ‘Deja Vu’ Advert

The Music from the new Heineken ‘Deja Vu' Star Bottle Ad


The latest ad to emerge out of the Heineken headquarters is a bond-style short film promoting the Heineken Star Bottle. Shot by award winning director Rupert Saunders, the film follows a suave bond-like character womanizing his way through glamorous parties in Ho Chi Minh City, Lagos, and finally ending up in New York. The ad's on-point music is a track from a Bollywood film soundtrack. The artist is D R Burmun and the title is Dance Music 1. The piece can be found on the compilation album Rough Guide To Bollywood.

Download Dance Music (I) by D R Burman on the Rough Guide to Bollywood album at iTunes here


Buy The Rough Guide To Bollywood album at Amazon Here


Watch the Heineken ‘Deja Vu' ad here:



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