The Wheel Barrow Booster as seen on Dragons’ Den

The Wheel Barrow Booster as seen on Dragons' Den

The Wheel Barrow Booster

A Wheely good idea

As seen on episode 4 of the 2012 series of Dragons' Den, the Wheel Barrow Booster is simple and effective way of adding extra capacity to your wheel barrow. Father and son business partners, Mike and Joe Smith developed the product after Mike came up with idea whilst working as a landscape gardener. The pair's firm negotiating style caused consternation in the Den, with Hilary Devey labelling Mike as a ‘typical Yorkshireman'. Even Duncan Bannatyne was willing to give them a second chance on a deal after an abrupt exchange. But the pairs belief in their product saw them hold firm on the percentage they were willing to give way, and no deal was done. The pitch was also memorable for Joe's quote that, ‘there are a million horses in the UK and every horse is a potential customer'. Well, as the saying goes, ‘you can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink', similarly it seems, you can lead a Yorkshireman to the Den, but you can't make him do a deal.

Find out more below about the Wheel Barrow Booster below:

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