Winter Warmer Gadgets

There’s no need to get even slightly chilly this Christmas with our hand-picked selection of the best winter warmer gadgets. First up is the Musucbag and Musucbag Lite; the incredible wearable sleeping-bags which make your standard onesies pale in comparison. Next we have Bluetooth Phone Gloves as seen on This Morning, which sync to your smartphone so you can literally talk through your hands, as well as Touchscreen Ski Gloves, which allow you to control your smart-phone even when you’re an inch thick in fabric.

The Smitten is another unique development in glove gadgetry which allows you to walk hand in hand with your other half in the same glove. It also comes with an extra pair of regular gloves, so your respective other hands don’t get cold either. We’ve also got ear muffs from Skinnydip as seen on Dragons' Den, which have inbuilt headphones so you can keep your ears warm whilst listening to your favourite tunes.

For those who like to semi-hibernate on the sofa during the winter, try out the brilliant Slanket: a super-cosy blanket with sleeves. And for those who need even more help staying warm, check out the heated clothing at Maplin, which includes a heated vest, heated gloves and heated in-soles. And for a hand-warmer that you can turn on and off when required, check out the Hot Rox.

See below for the full list of our winter warmer gadgets below, where you can also find more in-depth information and follow the link to buy now:


Kids MusucBags

Following the remarkable success of the Selk Bag (a wearable sleeping bag with arms and legs for those of you who didn't already know!), its crazy inventors have spawned a new and improved version mysteriously named the 'Musuc Bag'. The Musuc Bag Kids has the same key features as the Selk Bag allowing you to walk, run, jump and even do the hokie cokie (if the moment is right!) whilst comfortably zipped inside. Not only that but with a suit lining made from improved soft-touch nylon and padded with uprated Polyester Hollow Fibre Bonded filling you're good for temperatures as low as -13°C. The built in hood is now fully elasticated and the cunningly placed reversible zips at the end of the arms give access for all those fiddly jobs (like holding lolly pops and game console controllers etc!).


Adults MusucBag Lite

The MusucBag Lite is basically the same as the original but made of a lighter material with a few improvements. The hand zips have been replaced with a more convenient veleco'd hand opening which makes doing stuff while suited up even easier and the stuff sack has a new compression system so it packs down smaller. The suit lining is still made fromimproved soft-touch nylon and padded with uprated Polyester Hollow Fibre Bonded filling which is suitable for temperatures between 8-25°C. Of course different people feel temperatures differently, and it depends what you wear underneath.


Hot Boots - Beige

Baby it's cold outside. Slip your feet into these heatable booties and unwind as you take in their relaxing scent. Know a stylish female who loves to wrap up warm on a cold winter night? Then these booties will make a great gift for her. Fear no more dragging yourself out from up under your Duvet on those chilly mornings! Simply pop the boots in the microwave and walk yourself cosy! - J.F. Features: Beige microwavable Hot Boots Made from super soft fleece Gently scented with relaxing lavender Can be surface cleaned with a damp sponge Suitable for ages 3+ Size: Adult UK shoe sizes 3-7


Large Electric Heated Fleece Vest ( Heated Fleece Vest )

Keep yourself warm during the cold winter periods with this electrically heated fleece vest Perfect as an over or undergarment Heats up to 45anddeg C for up to 2 hours The shell fabric is made of polyester fleece and Nylon lining Heater elements are situated in the chest area Requires 6 x AA batteries not included L39BF - Maplin AA 12 pack Dont get left out in the cold when the weather turns chilly. Keep your body warm this winter while watching your favourite team or just walking the dog. The perfect addition to everyones wardrobe it can even relieve aches and pains.


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