Genius Nicer Dicer Plus 13-Piece Kiwi & Free Knife

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Genius Nicer Dicer Plus 13-piece Dicing set
Dice, cut into cubes, slices, quarters eighths, shave, grate, transport and store all in one without any transferring.
With the Nicer Dicer Plus you have a kitchen tool for you a lot of right from the very start extremely shortened the cooking preparation to the serving of the meal. Food must be cut into cubes, sticks, strips, quarters or eighths – the costs not only time also, but you need countless kitchen tools (knives, bowls, cutting boards and much more.) that don't always the same at hand and plenty of storage space in the kitchen of your time. Now with the Nicer Dicer Plus it's no longer a problem – you have everything away in virtually one set. Simple and space saving and compact super.
This set includes:
1 x Cutting upper part with integrated Stifter Aster
1 x Cutting base
1 x Transparent collector (capacity 1,500 ml)
1 x Lid for keeping food fresh for collection container
1 x Blade insert (6 mm x 6 mm or 12 mm x 12 mm)
1 x Blade insert (6 mm x 36 mm or 18 mm x 18 mm)
1 x Knife Insert for quarters or eighths
Clip on Charm – 1 x Cutting stamp for spatulas
1 x Part Cover for all blade inserts
1x Economy Peeler 1 – includes 1 x recipe book
Also includes all the accessories you need set:
1 x with Slicer Insert with blade guard
1 x Schneidguthalter with guide
1 x Grating Insert (grating thickness: Coarse; grater) with protective cover
You will receive on your order, a high quality original genius Chef's Knife.
We sell only original genius piece.
Cheaper New Products tend to be imitations with risks for your health (sharp edges; Gitfiges Material, etc.)

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