Genius vegetable and fruit slicer made of plastic, Plastic, kiwi, 22.2 x 10 x 8.1999999999999993 cm Price: £29.72 (as of 11/08/2022 17:10 PST- Details)

The cutter with the spiral cutter. Thanks to the many blade inserts for eighths and quarters, it is also suitable as a chip cutter. Discover now!

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‘Product Information: nicer dicer Smart, set 16 bulbs. This set contains: nicer dicer Smart, set of 9., 1 x cutting upper part with integrated Stifter Aster and cutting base 1 x Transparent collector (capacity: 800 ml) 1 x Stay Fresh Covers for the drip tray, 1x Knife Insert (30 mm x 30 mm + 10 mm x 10 mm) 1 x Blade insert (15 mm x 15 mm + 30 mm x 10 mm) 1 x Part Cover for all blade inserts 1 x with Slicer Insert with blade guard 1 x Schneidguthalter with guide 1 x Economy Peeler nicer Julietti Smart, set of 3, 1 x Frame 1 x Spiral insert, with smooth blades 1 x Spiral insert with Julietti blade nicer dicer Smart Storage Container That Can set of 4. 2 x Stay Fresh Covers 2 X COLLECTING container capacity: 800ml) includes recipe booklet detail text: With the Nicer Dicer Smart you have a kitchen tool for you a lot of right from the very start extremely shortened the cooking preparation to the serving of the meal. It has a wide range of cutting results: Dice, cut into cubes, slices stripes and quarter – All with just one set. Simple, practical and space-saving, it's really is it wasn't me. The Nicer Dicer Smart is an ingenious system for the preparation of salads, fruit and vegetable dishes and more – Easy, fast and completely without using electricity. With the Nicer Julietti Smart you can made of cucumbers, carrots, radishes, zucchini and much more decorative spirals or fine Julietti. The additional bin is a perfect addition to your cutting set. Highlights nicer dicer Smart: by pressing the button at the “push the integrated transparent cleaning plate will automatically push down and clean your Stifter Aster of even smallest food remnants. 2 different blade inserts: Extremely sharp stainless steel blade inserts in G Nox quality edgers For simultaneous cutting any kind of food. Easy to replace and folds up to save space. Many cutting variations: Medium and Large wü
‘by pressing the buttons push, the built-in Transparent cleaning plate automatically push down and clean your Stifter Aster of even smallest food remnants.
Extremely sharp blade inserts made from stainless steel in g NOx quality with 2 different edgers simultaneous cutting different food
Wide selection of cutting variations: Medium and Large Cubes and pens, fine and thick slices, thick stripes and quarter.
Frame with Two different blades: Smooth Blade for playful spirals, Julietti blade for decorative Juliettis
Ideal for preparing delicious vegetable dishes, healthy salads etc.