HulGO Expandable-Garden-Hose-Pipe (Light Green)

? ?????????? ???? – Space saver: By making our hose pipes expandable. The double walled latex tube makes the garden hose expandable from 30ft to 100ft. The classic hosepipes for garden are taking too much space and are hard to store so we offer a retractable garden hose easy to store in the provided bag or the hose pipe holder and the possibility of making your hose pipe wall mounted
? ???? ???? ????? ??? – Multifunctional feature hose spray gun offers 8 different sprayer types: full, centre, angle, flat, shower, cone, mist, soaker. This feature makes our water hose perfect for watering plants, lawn irrigation, car washing, indoors and outdoor cleaning, pet bathing, pool hose, etc
? ?????????? – there are lots of hosepipes for garden expandable and the lifespam of each differ depending on the materials used for production. Our extendable hose pipe has double walled strong latex flexible hose inner tube covered by a strong textile material hosing pipe and fitted with brass connectors

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Have you used garden hoses that kink, burst or leak and hasn't delivered when you needed it the most?

Whether you're a professional gardener or you're just enjoying taking care of your lawn, we know that you want and deserve the best!

The expandable watering hose from HulGO is now offering you a wide range of features that makes gardening and other outdoor activities easy and fun:

  • the hose is extendable from 30ft to 100ft long when under water pressure resulting in less storage room being light, flexible and easier to handle;
  • the quick connector makes the tap connection easy and safe to use, just make sure you empty the hose before disconnecting it;
  • the on/off switch valve mounted on the spray gun end assure an easy fitting for the other accessories;
  • the wall hanger hook made of quality flexi plastic offers a good storage solution for the kit as well as the provided storage bag, no need of reel;
  • the 8 function nozzle made of quality PVC offers you a large range of functions making the set easy to use as a flower sprinkler, hot summer days fresh air sprayer, car or pavement washer or for garden irrigation;
  • the 1/2 and 3/4 brass adaptor fits most of the UK male thread taps so you won't need other attachments, fittings, connectors or improvised connections;

100% satisfaction guarantee – our product is backed by our 1 year manufacturer warranty and 180 days money back guarantee so if you have any issue with our product don't hesitate to contact us.

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?SPACE SAVER DIFFERENCE: HulGO, the Magic Extendable Garden Water Hose Kit is Expanding from 30ft/10 meter to 100 ft/30 meter Long under Pressure; this makes the Flexi Watering Set Easy to use and deposit either in the provided Wall Plastic Bracket/Hook or Storage Bag being Light and Flexible; Shrinking when there is no pressure, Expand under pressure; no Large Reel needed;
?MULTIFUNCTIONAL USE FEATURES: The Multifunction Spray Gun Head replaces 8 Sprayer types: Full, Centre, Angle, Flat, Shower, Cone, Mist, Soaker; this Feature allows you to use it for multiple purposes Indoor and Outdoor: Watering plants, Lawn/Grass Irrigation, Car washing, Indoors and outdoor cleaning, Pet bathing, etc; No Pressure Washer Connect guaranteed;
?SOFT BUT POWER ABLE SET: The Hosepipe Kit has Anti Rust Metal Accessories, Brass Attachments that handle the Water Pressure better than the Plastic ones: the Quick Release Connector, the 1/2 and 3/4 Tap Adapter which is Fitting most of typical UK Taps and the On/Off Switch Valve Mounted before the Sprinkler End; Non Kink risk due to the High Quality Double Layer Extending/Retractable Latex Tube;
?PATENTED NO BURST CONNECTION: Our product has Patented Self-Locking Connections without pressure between the 2-layer Flex Latex Inner Pipe and the PVC Connectors; the Stretchy Latex Pipes Fittments are separated by the Green Outer Fabric Cloth Fixing; this Leak-Resistant Connection Innovation solves the problem of most of the other Stretch Hoses that Burst and Leak;
?SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: Considering our confidence in our Gardening products quality, as manufacturer we guarantee 100% satisfaction; in order to transfer to you our confidence we provide 1-year warranty and 180 days money back guarantee;

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