JML 28cm Domed Glass Ventilation & Steam Release Frying Pan Saucepan Lid Price: £14.99 (as of 22/04/2021 15:42 PST- Details)

28cm pan lid
Bakelite, safe to touch handle
Tempered, toughened safety glass

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This incredible, but simple, 28cm pan lid will add a whole new dimension to your pan and hob cooking.

Pan cooking has moved on from egg, bacon and omelettes. These days we are cooking everything from stews and sauces to sautéed potatoes, casseroles, ragus and even paella. But the whole point of a pan is that it’s wide, open top allows access to the food and lets steam and moisture escape, allowing the frying to remain the method of cooking and not turn into braising or even broiling with those collected liquids.

But what if you want those liquids? What if you want to slow-simmer a delicious sauce for half an hour without the pan running dry and the food being ruined?

This 28cm glass pan lid fits most 28cm pans and is specially made for your Copper Stone 28cm pan.

Creating a water-tight seal at the steel-edged rim, it allows the heat to circulate and that all-important moisture to condense back to water and be returned to your food, thanks to the elegant dome shape and secure fit. With this 28cm glass lid in place you can simmer, stew and sauté for as long as you need to really develop those intense flavours and sweet aromas.

But that’s not all! There is a clever steam-release vent that stops any excess pressure from building up and therefore potentially avoiding a kitchen disaster. AND the Bakelite handle is not only fashioned to match the beautiful wood-relief effect of the handle on your Copper Stone Pan but is also cool to the touch and safe to handle when you need to lift the lid and stir or serve.

PLUS, being glass, this 28cm lid allows a clear view of how your food is cooking without having to open it up to see and lose all that built-up heat!

So, if you want the secret of taking your pan-cooking to the next level, you should really keep a lid on it!

28cm pan lid
Bakelite, safe to touch handle
Tempered, toughened safety glass
Stem-release vent for safety and control
Returns moisture to your food

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