JML Magic Paint Tray No-Spill Non-Drip Painting Decorating Tray Price: £14.99 (as of 11/08/2022 17:10 PST- Details)

Won’t spill at any angle, even upside down
Works with most household, water-based paints
Paint with rollers or brushes up to 9 inch (23cm)

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The no spill, non drip paint tray Magic Paint Tray is the non drip, no mess decorating tray that lets you paint with rollers, brushes and pads without spilling a drop. Simply pour paint into the centre and spread it around the absorbent pad where it is held by the special fibres so you can tilt and tip it without drips and spills. Then, just use as a normal paint tray, loading brush or roller in the usual fashion. When your finished you can scrape any remaining paint back into the tin or turn the outer tray into a lid that seals the wet paint on the pad, keeping it fresh for over 49 days. No drips, splashes or spills, even upside down Magic Paint Tray has a specially designed absorbent pad with fibres that absorb and grip paint to stop it from spilling or dripping out. You can tilt, tip and even turn it upside down without any mess. Works with the most commonly used paints around your home Most common water based household paints including emulsions work great with Magic Paint Tray as well as latex paints, acrylic and even specialist chalk effect matt paints. Try several colours at once with no run together With its ability to hold paint in place, Magic Paint Tray is ideal for tester sample colours of paint where you want to try several colours in one area of wall to see which one you like. You can pour a small amount of each colour onto the tray, leaving a gap, and the fibres stop any run together. Practical and clever, with a holding strap and a keep fresh lid Using Magic Paint Tray isnt just about no spills. The clever design means you get a hand strap that lets you hold the tray firmly from beneath and not at the edge, leaving your other hand totally free to paint with. The outer tray also acts as a stay fresh lid that lets you seal the wet paint while still on the pad and use it again for over 49 days, and it will still be wet and ready to paint with
Won't spill at any angle, even upside down
Works with most household, water-based paints
Paint with rollers or brushes up to 9 inch (23cm)
Allows for multiple colours with no run-together
Holding strap for one-handed secure use

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