Hot Boots microwavable slippers as seen on This Morning

As seen on ITV1's This Morning and The Alan Titchmarsh Show – Hot Boots

Picture the scene: You've had a hard day at work, the rain's pelting down outside and you're curled up on the sofa with a warm cuppa on a chilly winter night. Only your feet are absolutely freezing, like little blocks of ice swinging from your ankles. You’ve layered on slipper sock after slipper sock but you still can’t feel your toes. It won't do, will it? Well, how about a pair of microwaveable slippers?

Hot Boots as seen on ITV

Blue for Titchmarsh, Pink for Willoughby

As featured on This Morning, just heat these little gems up in your microwave and you're mere minutes away from truly toasty toes. They come with handy rubber grips on the soles and are even lightly scented with lavender for ultimate luxury. They’re available in two colours (don’t worry, boys, you don’t have to parade around in bright pink booties…unless you want to, that is) and one size fits all. What more could you ask for?

Hot Boots colours

Hot Boots available in 3 colours from - see below

Click here for Hot Boots in Pink

Click here for Hot Boots in Blue

Click here for Hot Boots in Red also do a range of Hot Boots in Dark Brown, Light Brown and Cream

Hot Boots at Firebox

CLICK HERE to view the Hot Boots range at


Click here to view Hot Boots at


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