Sonos Play:3 as advertised on TV

Sonos Play:3 as seen on the TV ads

The award winning Sonos Play:3 debuted it's ad campaign this weekend with a prime time slot during XFactor. Set at a house party hosted by singer Janelle Monae, the advert features music from various artists including Deep Cotton and composer Jack Behrens, played out on Monae’s Sonos Wireless Hi-Fi system. Check below for the track details on all four artists.

The Sonos Play:3 is compact and easy-to-use, plugging in to mains power and working wirelessly through your Ethernet connection when plugged in to your router. Alternatively, the SONOS Bridge device connects to your router creating a SonosNet wireless mesh network, which simply means you can use the speaker throughout your home without having to directly connect the player itself to the router and Ethernet wiring.

The precise, all-digital sound works through 3 integrated speakers, powered by 3 digital amps. To browse, select and play your music with direct control from your Android™, iPhone®, iPod Touch® or iPad®, simply download the Sonos Controller app for free. The wireless feature also allows you to have access to a whole world of music from across the globe, from iTunes, to Spotify and Napster, to internet radio stations and podcasts.

You can also add speakers to expand sound coverage over your entire home, enabling you to play different tracks through different players each room and to individually control the volume of each.

John Lewis are currently running a superb offer on the Sonos Play:3 until 31st Dec 2012:

Buy your Sonos PLAY:3 Wireless Music System and get a FREE Sonos Bridge, as well as 6 months of FREE Napster access.

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Music featured in the Sonos Play:3 advert

Download Cramp Your Style by All The People on iTunes here

Download We're Far Enough From Heaven Now We Can Freak Out by Deep Cotton on iTunes here

Download Homage to Rachmaninoff composed by Jack Behrens and Performed by Bianca Baciu on iTunes here

Love's Not So Hard To Find by Roman GianArthur (not currently available)

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