Fun and Games Gadgets as seen on Stephen Fry: Gadget Man

Fun and Games with Stephen Fry: Gadget Man

Episode 4 of the series sees Stephen Fry focus his gadgetry purely on fun and games, where he investigates doggy gaming gadgets for the park along with various kinds of computer gaming gadgets. The main feature of the episode was the computer game of all computer games: projected onto the side of the huge disused Millennium Mill was a projection-mapped demolition game, which players could play in teams from across the river using apps on their smartphones.

Stephen Fry begins with looking at better ways to wake up in the morning. The Nerf Shoot To Snooze Clock is an alarm clock which you shoot with a dart gun to shut it up. Preferably the dart gun will be the Nerf n Strike Elite Hail-Fire: the latest piece of equipment from Nerf, which is a semi-automatic holding no less than 144 darts that can fire up to 75 feet. Alternatively, wake up more peacefully with the Lumie Bodyclock Elite 300. This top-of-the-range sunrise alarm clock is said to boost mood and productivity, as well as regulating your sleeping cycle. You can even add birdsong or the sound of rain to assist your natural wake-up.

For gaming gadgets check out the special touch screen cartoon-gothic gaming app Contre Jour, which has gorgeous visuals inspired by children’s story ‘The Little Prince’ and delicate piano music composed by David Ari Leon. The Atari Arcade Duo is a great little gaming device that re-imagines the retro-controls of old arcade gaming and provides a dock for your iPad, which allows you to use the button and joystick controls.

Moving out into the park, Stephen Fry takes a look at gadgets for dogs, the most brilliant of which were the Hyper Pet HyperDog Ball Launcher and Hyper Pet HyperDog Doggie Driver. Working like a catapult, the best thing about the Ball Launcher is that it can throw tennis balls much further than you can, reaching as far as a huge 200 feet. The Doggie Driver is a ball launcher in the guise of a golf club, so you can practice your driving at the same time as playing fetch. And if your dog’s prone to picking up the most splintered, filthy pieces of branch, then use the Kong Safestix, a rubbery stick which means that your dog won’t get any nasty splinters.

Finally, Fry comes introduces the AR Drone 2.0, a remote control Quadrocopter which again, you control with an app on your smartphone or iPad. The best thing about it, though, aside from its remarkable controllability, is the camera attached to the front, so you can spy on, as Stephen Fry points out, your neighbours in their back garden.

See the products featured in this episode of Stephen Fry: Gadget Man below

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Also featured in episode 4 of Stephen Fry: Gadget Man

Coden Ear Scope 7400 Pixel – Endoscopic ear cleaner that lets you see inside of your ear while you clean

Tech2o Cybertecture Mirror – an ‘intelligent' web-connected mirror for bedroom, bathroom or lounge

Ecospin Raptor – electric-powered, stand-on personal transport device

Go Go Dog Pal – remote controlled animal-like dog toy

Go Dog Go Automatic Ball Thrower – Remote controlled automatic ball thrower

Cocktails For You – Bar device that automatically mixes and dispenses cocktails

KL Darts App – Darts game app where your iPad becomes the board and iPhone becomes the darts

AR Pool – prototype augmented reality device to improve a pool player's game

Barco FLM HD20 Projector – Hi-end projection system designed for events and large scale projection mapping

Demolition: The Game – Projection mapped video game where two teams of players compete to demolish a building, created by game designers Running In The Halls


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