GoPro HD Hero 2 as seen on The Gadget Show

Action Cameras as seen on The Gadget Show

As seen on the first episode of the ‘all new' 2012 series of the Gadget Show, The GoPro HD Hero 2 was the winner in the Action Cameras test where 3 HD action cameras where sent up high above the Welsh countryside below a weather balloon. The cameras had to withstand filming in the Stratosphere in temperatures of minus 40 degrees and then a descent back down to earth at speeds of up to 300 miles an hour. The GoPro came out on top with a Gadget Show top rated ‘5G'. It's wide angle, 170 degree lens and crystal clear video footage in 1080p, lead to Jason to describe it as the ‘crème de la crème of action cameras'. Unsurprisingly the HD Hero 2 is often used by TV programme makers when a POV (Point of View) shot is required and we have spotted it on TV many times in a variety of dare devil situations. The GoPro HD Hero 3 has recently been released so there may be some good deals available on the HD Hero 2 (see below).

The GoPro comes in various ‘flavours' depending on your filming situation. There is the GoPro Motorsports, GoPro Outdoor, GoPro Surf and the GoPro Naked (Oi cheeky! It means you get just the camera without any attachments)

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