HotCans as seen on Sunday Brunch

Pot What? HotCans – Self-heating food cans

As seen on Channel 4's Sunday Brunch, Mark Taylor from HotCans introduced Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer to these self heating cans, Tim and Simon then put them to the taste test. HotCans heat up in 8-12 minutes and are activated by piercing 3 holes in the top, water is then mixed with quicklime and an ‘exothermic reaction' generates heat! An insulating layer heats the food in the can but not the outside so it can be held; a hot scrummy meal with no hob, campfire or washing up liquid required. Tim and Simon certainly both seem impressed with quality of the food.

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Hotcan as seen on Sunday Brunch

Tim is pleasantly surprised by the taste of Hotcans

More about HotCan Self-heating food cans

  • Ready to serve in 8-12 minutes
  • Comes in the following Flavours:
  • Beans & Meatballs
  • Chicken Curry with Rice
  • Sausage and Beans
  • Spicy Beef with Pasta
  • Vegetable Chilli
  • Can be stored for 3 years
  • 400g tin size
Hotcan flavour range

Chicken Curry, Vegetable Chilli, Spicy Beef Pasta, Sausages and Beans, Beans with Meatballs

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