IAM Konki iPhone app review

IAM Konki iPhone App review – It's Konki time!

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IAM Konki as seen on…well the little fella with the strange name is more likely to be seen on your iPhone than TV, but he certainly has links with the world of Television. After a chance meeting on an evening train home, the IAM Konki app developers found themselves a celebrity business partner in the guise of TV actor, singer and Dancing on Ice winner, Sam Attwater. The result of this meeting of minds was the IAM Konki app. The app brings together a host of features, that you may find on separate apps or websites, into one convenient platform with personalised content brought to you by your very own ‘Konki‘.

Asseenonthetv‘s Carly Bennett spent a few days getting to know Konki…and found herself a little friend.

“If you’re into technology and iPhone apps you may have heard a lot about IAM Konki over the last few weeks. The recently released app is already a huge hit with iPhone users and the Internet have been buzzing with articles, reviews and videos of the star studded launch party.

IAM Konki encompasses so many different areas of the Internet that it’s difficult to mention everything this clever little app does. You have your own Konki character, who develops and becomes more intuitive the more you use the app. After a few days’ worth of use your Konki buddy will be able to recommend music, films and discount vouchers, based on your exact taste. The initial app is free and does come with a boatload of content, though there is a bolt on addition that contains even more things to do and explore. I was impressed at the amount of information that was available from the free app and it was nice to not be reminded that I could unlock more content every few minutes.

IAM Konki app

Your very own Konki welcomes you to your app

The design is clean and simple and I found the Konki world easy to navigate. Because there is so much content available it would be easy for the app to feel overcrowded but that isn’t the case at all, I’m pleased to report. Using IAM Konki is fun and easy and the fact it is so user friendly makes it suitable for all ages, from children to grandparents. For younger users the Konki character is fully interactive, moving about your screen and telling jokes at regular intervals; the ability to grow your character’s IQ as you explore the app is sure to be a hit with children.

I found myself using IAM Konki a lot more than I thought I would. I organised my appointments in the calendar, kept an eye on the weather (I hate to break it to you but things are not looking good for the weekend) and spent far too much time scrolling through the news channels. I loved that the news feeds were split into different categories, which meant I could nip straight across to the TV and movie news without having to wade through pages andpages to get to the stories I cared about.

The Konki Rocks feature was my favourite, by far. It scans your music library and then searches for similar music you may not have heard. It does take a little while to get going but once the initial scan has taken place it’s great fun and definitely opened my eyes to a few new bands.

The IAM Konki world is so huge that there is absolutely something for everybody, whatever your passion. If you want to keep up to date with new music, film and TV releases, save money at your favourite shops or hear breaking news stories as they happen then I definitely recommend taking a look at IAM Konki. After all, it won’t even cost you a penny.”

Download IAM Konki for free at iTunes App Store here

Sam Attwater explains his involvement with IAM Konki to Gabi Roslin

Sam Attwater explains his involvement with IAM Konki to Gabi Roslin - click to watch the video

An Introduction to Konki at the Launch of the IAM Konki app


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