The Beach Towel Clip as seen on Sky TV

Introducing The Beach Towel Clip!

The Beach Towel Clip on a beach

The Beach Towel Clip.......on a beach

The Beach Towel Clip is a funky new way to stop your beach towel blowing away! This ingenious polypropylene clip is set to be this year’s must have beach accessory.

Buy the Beach Towel Clip at Amazon here

The Beach Towel Clip

The boxed clip comes in a handy set of four and when snapped apart is simply pushed into the sand to hold down the four corners of your beach towel or picnic blanket.

No more searching for stones on the beach or using your flip flops or water bottles to keep your towel flat.

The Beach Towel Clips are available for around £9.99 and come in summer shades of Orange, Aqua Blue and White.

Buy the Beach Towel Clip at Amazon here

The Beach Clip as seen on Sky Travel

The Beach Clip as seen on Sky TV Travel Channel

This 100% UK designed; manufactured and distributed product was thought up whilst on the beach trying to think of a way to stop the beach towel from blowing away.

The beach towel clip has also been designed as a marketing tool for forward thinking companies to use as a promotional gift and can feature branding and logos on the top surface.

All enquiries for the beach towel clip can be directed through or call 0845 8338 188


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