Zingy The Dancing Toy as seen on the EDF energy advert

The Dancing ‘thing' from the EDF Blue + Price Promise advert

Zingy Toy to be made in 2013?

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Unfortunately ‘Zingy‘ the orange dancing character from the EDF energy advert is a one off made especially for the advert by BeatBots. He (She? It?!) has gone down a storm, with people even starting online petitions demanding a toy version be created and made available to buy.

** UPDATE **

EDF energy are hinting that ‘Zingy‘ may be released soon; a recent tweet from @edfenergy in reply to a question regarding a Toy Zingy read,

“Not at the moment, but his popularity hasn't gone unnoticed. Stay tuned!”

So if you really really want your own Zingy; sign up below and we'll send you an email when it becomes available.

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Zingy is based on a Keepon Pro a robot that was created to help study social development and autism. There is a yellow toy version called a My Keepon and it is available to buy. For more information and to compare prices, please see below:

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The music featured in the original advert is the 80's classic Together In Electric Dreams by Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder

Anthems - Electronic 80s - Ministry of Sound

My Keepon is based on it's cousin Keepon® Pro, a research robot created by two scientists.

Dr. Hideki Kozima (Sendai, Japan) and Dr. Marek Michalowski (San Francisco, U.S.), of BeatBots have been using Keepon Pro in playrooms to study social development and autism. Keepon's simple appearance and dynamic behaviour have been embraced by children, parents, and practitioners alike. These same qualities have made Keepon resonate with a general audience through Internet exposure and public engagements.

When the pair of roboticists made Keepon dance on YouTube for the very first time, it instantly became an Internet phenomenon, with millions of people watching. To date, the video of Keepon dancing to indie rock band Spoon's “I Turn My Camera On” has had nearly 2.7 million views online.

“To answer the thousands of fans who have asked for their very own Keepon, we have teamed up with toy innovators Wow! Stuff to create My Keepon, a lifelike robotic toy packed with personality, who can live in anyone's home,” says Dr. Michalowski.

Find out more about My Keepon at IWantOneOfThose.com



3 replies on “Zingy The Dancing Toy as seen on the EDF energy advert

  • Shannon-Louise

    You should really make the EDF toy its amazing and i love it, been trying to get one but cant find it 🙁 now i know that they havent yet been made i will have to wait now!!! come on please make them :L xx

  • stephen talbott

    i take it then this zingy is the second vershion to the my keepon ,if so when will it be out on sale as my grandaugter going mad for one of them ,pliz hurry an let me know thank you 🙂 ,ps. befor i start to see them in my sleep pliz hurry from a grandad whos being hounded fr one .


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