Baggers Originals as seen on BBC3’s Be Your Own Boss

Baggers Originals Practical Childrenswear as seen on BYOB

Episode 4 of Richard Reed‘s continuing search to find the ‘Start-up stars' of the future, features Baggers Original who produce fun, fashionable and practical children's rain and swim wear that tuck into an attached bag that kids can carry.

Baggers was first launched by Angela McLean in 1989, with an idea to stop her daughters Jessica and Stephanie from getting their clothes muddy and wet. The company started from the kitchen table, with ten pounds and a sewing machine. Two years later, the company was well on the way to achieving a turnover of 2 million pounds with only the rainwear range of its kind available for sale. However, Baggers soon became a victim of its own success – long cash terms coupled with an inexperienced management team led to Baggers not being able to meet it’s huge demand – this resulted in Baggers sadly going out of business.

Angela used the Baggers story as a case study in her enterprise education company Fast Forward Now for many years and each time it was told, she became more and more inspired to re-launch the company and realised this would be possible with the help of her entrepreneurial daughter, Jessica, and her bright, young team.

We are now proud to present Baggers Originals, aiming to be practical and affordable for those in charge, and fun and stylish for those splashing in puddles. We currently offer rainwear and swimwear, but have many ideas in the pipeline.

Find out more about Baggers Originals at their website here >

Baggers Originals - Children's Rainwear and Swimwear

Baggers Originals – Children's Rainwear and Swimwear

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