The Music from the Latest Vision Express Advert

The music from the latest Vision Express 2013 ad

Vision Express‘s latest ad for 2013 features the track Ice Cream by American experimental band Battles, with a little help from Chilean techno don Matias Aguayo. The track, which made it onto Pitchfork's top 50 at the close of 2011, was included in their second album Gloss Drop as well as being released in a limited edition single version.

The music soundtracks a collage of close-up faces, filmed using Go-Pro head-mounted cameras, which merges together a day in the life of the brand's everyday customers from the moment a woman picks up her glasses in the shop to a man in the barber's, to the playground, on to a nightclub dancefloor and even out skiing. The ad even features a cameo appearance from chef Heston Blumenthal, who is ambassador for the brand.

Download Ice Cream (ft. Matias Aguayo) by Battles at iTunes here >


Buy Ice Cream (ft. Matias Aguayo) by Battles on Amazon here >


Watch the Vision Express ‘More Designer Brands' ad



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