The Zingy Toy as seen on the EDF Energy Adverts – Update

The Zingy Toy as seen on the EDF Energy Adverts – an Update

When / where can I buy a Zingy Toy?” – a question we are often asked and reading between the lines of a recent statement from UK Toy supplier Wow Stuff, it seems that Zingy fans may be in luck…but not this side of Christmas. After a huge response to the little orange fella's dance moves in the EDF energy ads earlier in the year, it seemed that the massive public demand would result in a Zingy toy being created. EDF tweeted that “Zingy's popularity hasn't gone unnoticed. Stay tuned!”, although EDF stated that if it was created, it would initially be for its own customers first, and be used to engage consumers in commercials and competitions. In recent months though, the Zingy Toy trail had gone cold.

But a recent report on the ToyNews website gives the strongest indication yet that Zingy may be made into a Toy in 2013. Wow Stuff CEO Richard North said he has “no doubt” that the toy would be a best-seller. The company, who produced the My Keepon, a toy version of a robot created by BeatBots, told ToyNews;

I can confirm that if it were to come out, there’s no doubt it would be a best selling toy. I can also confirm we have massive consumer demand to bring the item out as a toy.

However, I can neither confirm nor deny whether we have or we haven’t been in deep discussions with EDF, the original inventor of the Keepon Pro and whether it’s likely or unlikely to be launched in March or October 2013.

Well that's cleared that up then?!

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Zingy is based on a Keepon Pro, a robot that was created to help study social development and autism. A yellow toy version called a My Keepon is available to buy. For more information and to compare prices, please see below:

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  • Elaine Holgate

    Zingy is being sold on ebay in an edf box. Where do they get these from? I am a pensioner & I love this little blob. I hope to get one eventually.


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