Kitchen Gadgets for the High-Tech Masterchef

Stuck on what to get that Masterchef-in-the-making for Christmas, again? Well, our list of the ten best kitchen gadgets is sure to have any kitchen appliance enthusiast weak at the knees. This year it includes baking gadgets that will have anyone rivalling the contestants of The Great British Bakeoff, colourful customised gadgets from Emma Bridgewater and Joseph Joseph. But we haven't gone for simply style over substance; there are gadgets to make your life easier such as the Joseph Joseph Digital Kitchen Timer and Folding Digital Scales, and how about starting your New Year health regime early with the Philips Airfryer.

Emma Bridgewater’s custom design livens up the Dualit NewGen Toaster, disguising what is in fact a high quality, sturdy toaster under a guise of multi-coloured spots. The design gurus over at Joseph Joseph have come up with an equally colourful, excellently crafted Adjustable Rolling Pin, where a variety of coloured discs attached at each end allow you to roll your pastry to just the right thickness.

The SodaStream makes an elegant comeback in a slick new design by Yves Behar, so you can have endless carbonated water on tap and just as neatly designed is the Magimix Le Mini; both are carefully down-sized to make sure that they don’t create any further kitchen clutter. Our personal favourite is the Bosch IXO Gourmet Cordless Screwdriver with Corkscrew and Spice Mill Attachments: it does exactly what its name suggests, so that you can put up a shelf and pepper your dinner in one single swoop of the arm. We also feature the Vinturi Aerator, a helpful gadget for the wine buff that speedily aerates your wine, and somewhat of TV star with appearances on both the Gadget Show and Stephen Fry: Gadget Man.

Check out the full the list below, where you find out more information, see what they look like and proceed to the checkout.

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