Alternative Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Gifts for Her

Fed up with the usual Valentine’s Day palaver? No, we didn’t think so. Every girl loves romance in the form of Champagne Rose chocolates and a scented candle. But this year, we thought we’d help you go above and beyond the ordinary, and have searched out some alternative Valentines gifts to the usual affair, from Emma Bridgewater aprons to the quirkiest take on a bunch of flowers we’ve ever come across, the Skyplanter upside-down in-door plant.

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Our Top 5 Candles

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Gifts for Him

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner we’ve put together a collection of the best alternative Valentine’s gifts for your special someone. Whatever your idea of romance, we’ve got it covered with romantic gifts ranging from the Homerun Baseball Ovenglove, a subtle hint towards him cooking you romantic dinners, to Paul Smith Union Jack Mini Car Cufflinks, which aren’t necessarily romantic, but they’re guaranteed to make him more stylish.

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Gifts for Couples

Some gifts are good enough for both of you. Here is our selection of the best.

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And finally…Flowers

The alternative to the battered last bunch in the bucket at the local Petrol Station…Wild at Heart Flowers from Liberty’s

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