Merrimaking Animal Hoods

Merrimaking Animal Hoods as seen on Channel 4, BBC2 and a festival near you…

Ellie Goulding and Rizzle kicks both rocked one of these at V Fest and Bestival, and E4 broadcast it to the masses spurning an instant festival-goer craze. This is The Merrimaking Animal Hood, as seen on Channel 4’s Summer Daze and BBC2’s Something for the Weekend. These little furry friends make brilliant company wherever you are, and look pretty great too. Apparently they have even become a craze over in Japan, enveloping an entire nation of teens on the other side of the world.

What's more, they come custom made. The lovely people at Merrimaking will let you customise an existing design, meaning you can choose your own pre-existing hood – be it a bear, a wolf, a leopard – as well as choose your own lining. If your going for gold then ask for a ‘Bespoke Hood‘, which means you can pretty much ask for whatever you want (as long as it's not real fur) and they will stitch one up for you right there and then. Well, not quite. But they are hand sewn to order within 3 working days.

Merrimaking Animal Hoods are now available at Firebox. See below:

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Merrimaking Wolf Hood

Merrimaking Wolf Hood


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