The Ostrich Pillow as seen on Stephen Fry: Gadget Man

The Ostrich Pillow as seen on Stephen Fry: Gadget Man, The Jonathan Ross Show, Loose Women, Alan Titchmarsh, Room 101 etc

Quite the TV star, the Ostrich Pillow has made numerous TV appearances (see the video below). The conceptual masterpiece is the result of a heartfelt effort from the design team at kawamura-ganjavan, an architecture and design studio.

The Ostrich Pillow offers a warm and cosy micro-environment; one small space in which to switch off from the wider world and take that much needed nap. The pillow takes its name from its intriguing design, which gives you room to breathe and special pockets for your hands to fit snugly above your head. The bulbous cushioned material allows you the freedom to power-nap pretty much anywhere, not only at your desk.

According to the designers, the pillow aims at breaking down boundaries between work and rest. The design team whole-heartedly believe that we must make work and rest fully compatible in the same space. And thus, they created this: The Ostrich Pillow.

The Original OSTRICH PILLOW hand crafted in Spain, is delivered in a cardboard gift box with a bag to keep it in.

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See the Ostrich Pillow‘s many TV appearances!

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