Personalised and Homemade Gifts for Mother’s Day

Make it Personal – Personalised and Handmade Mother's Day Gifts

This Mother’s Day it’s less about the perfect out-of-the-box, cellophane wrapped presents and more about hand-made gifts crafted with care. Not only is it good fun for grown-up kids like us to paint flower pots and let loose with PVA, but it’s great fun for the actual kids too.

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to get the kids involved in making presents. It’s fun, active and a great way to allow children to show their Mum just how much she’s valued with a genuine, personalised touch. Here we select the best gifts for your homemade Mother’s Day, for kids of all ages to get their hands on.

Taking the term handmade more literally, FingerPrint have designed a lovely piece of jewellery that allows you to convert your baby’s tiny handprint into a silver charm necklace. For children as young as 3 years old, have a go with the Create Your Own Plate Design Kit. It includes 6 coloured marker pens and kids will be able to see their mum use it every day. Kids a little older can try the Apples to Pears Mini Tin Card Making Set, which comes with coloured strips of paper to make personalised 3D cards. And then there’s the brilliant Paint Your Own Flower Pots Set, which comes with two pots and brushes so siblings can make one each.

Older children can create cute felt cupcake key-rings or brooches with the Paper and String Cupcakes Craft Kit, sewing on decorative buttons and ribbons to add extra details. Alternatively they can craft their own sweetly scented natural soaps, perfect for pampering Mum, using the House of Crafts Handmade Soap Kit.

Alternatively, if time’s not on your side, opt for the Personalised Mother’s Day Wine and Champagne or the Personalised Chocolate Bar, both of which allow you to edit your own personal message on the label.

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