Stephen Fry – Gadget Man Christmas Special

Stephen Fry – Gadget Man Christmas Special

The special Christmas episode of Stephen Fry: Gadget Man traces the gradual development of exciting gadgets from Christmases past, from the popular dolls that ‘really’ cry and model railways to the less successful radar turkey cooking technology and electric vests. But it’s not all from the past. Our Gadget Man also heralds in a few exciting new gadgets, all of them with the latest in pioneering technology. For those with a thing for old school quirk though, the best gadget of the episode is The Nutcracker. Made entirely from found objects, this extraordinary Victorian throwback propels a ball-bearing through its convoluted system to eventually crack a nut at the end.

The Furby, possibly the least popular gadget in history amongst grown-ups, makes a comeback this year with its luminous eyes, bright new colours and interactivity. As an alternative to the whole lavish LED Christmas light affair, the Laser Star Projector projects stars and cloud formations illuminating walls and ceilings. Next up is The Piano Apprentice, a new gadget from iON which is an-easy-to-use piano teaching tool for iPad, iPod and iPhone.

For the latest in Ski goggle technology look to the Recon Instruments Mod Live. This brilliant piece of equipment lets you track your speed, distance, location and more on the micro-optics display lens. The most magical gadget of the episode is undoubtedly the Wonderbook Book of Spells: a Harry Potter augmented reality story book for Playstation Move where kids can cast their own spells. Almost as magical is the high-tech Insta-Snow Powder, which transforms into faux snow with a touch of water. And last but not least is the spherical, luminous and transparent Spoutnik Microwave. This is a spaceship-like gadget which, purely for amusement, allows you to watch your food from all 360 degrees as it cooks.

Find the Gadgets featured in the ‘Christmas Special’ episode of Stephen Fry: Gadget Man below:

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Also featured:

Spoutnik Microwave – Spherical microwave which gives you a 360 degree view of your food cooking

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