Health, Beauty and Fitness Gadgets as seen on Stephen Fry: Gadget Man

Body Beautiful Gadgets as seen on Stephen Fry: Gadget Man

Episode 5 of Channel 4’s Stephen Fry: Gadget Man sees Stephen tackle the subject of health and fitness, as he launches head-on into a world of body-beautiful gadgets.

First up, is the Zeo Sleep Manager Pro, a sleep tracking and monitoring device which you wear around your head at night, allowing you to access your sleep patterns. At the gym Stephen Fry and his team of fitness fanatics test out some of the latest gadgets in body training technology, and it’s not all as dreadful as it sounds. The BitGym Virtual active is an iOS app that gives you a virtual view whilst running or cycling indoors, where you can choose to ride through the Swiss Alps or run through Venice. And while you’re at it, the Quarkie Headphones will vamp up your plugged-in look with their artful snake-coming-out-of-your-ear design. If you prefer a more interactive workout, the Zumba Fitness Core game for Nintendo Wii and Xbox guides you through the moves and can be done with friends and at home. The Body Blade Lite is a muscle toning device which vibrates as you move it around, causing your body to react 270 times per minute. For enhancing your workout in the great outdoors, Stephen Fry and Kelly Holmes test out the Kangoo Jumps. These springy shoe-like gadgets are fun and reduce the strain on your knees, hips and other joints by as much as 80%, as well as giving you a serious cardio workout.

For the best in beauty treatment technology Stephen Fry pays a visit to The Only Way Is Essex beautician Amy Childs, who has several affordable tricks up her sleeve. The Beauty Lift High Nose is a Japanese gadget that is said to straighten your nose through giving out small vibrations whilst the device holds the nose in place. For an easy facelift try the Houreisen Face Exercise Mask: a silicone rubber band which claims to turn facial movements into exercise, improving cheek bone pronunciation. For a pedicure at home the Pedi Pro Deluxe will give you softer feet in minutes and finally, the Luscious Lip gadget is a volume booster which claims to give you a fuller pout the more natural way: with a pump-action.

See below for all the Gadgets featured in the ‘Body Beautiful' episode of Stephen Fry: Gadget Man

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Also featured in episode 5 of Stephen Fry: Gadget Man

Beauty Lift High Nose

BitGym Virtual Active – iOS app that makes treadmill and exercise bike workouts more simulating by running or riding through scenic surroundings.

Cardiio – Uses the iPhone camera to measure your heart rate

Cavisculpt – Body sculpting and weight loss system using Ultrasound

Colnago CF8 for Ferarri carbon-fibre bike

Houreisen Face Exercise Mask

Kangoo Jumps – Low impact “rebound” exercise shoes

Luscious Lips – Pump-action gadgets that claims to increase your lip size naturally

Nexersys Home – Interactive and intelligent fitness machine designed for core workouts and strike training

Quarkie Headphones

Wrinkle MD Eye – Anti-wrinkle treatment device that infuses your skin with the wrinkle filler injected by dermatologists


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