The Nikon S3300 as seen on the ‘I am a Nikon Coolpix’ advert

I am a Nikon Coolpix – I am a Nikon S3300

For the more casual photographer the S3300 is certainly a compelling choice. With an attractive curvy design and a whole host of colour options (black, pink, green, silver, red, purple and blue) this nifty little camera is cropping up everywhere.

The Nikon S3300

The Nikon S3300

A lightweight option at around 130g, the S3300 is perfect to keep in your bag or pocket in case the opportune moment for a spot of photo snapping arises. This is an affordable camera; it retailed at £129.99 upon release in February but prices have dropped significantly since then and the S3300 is currently £99 at, so it won’t break the bank and it does feel stylish, despite the low price.

The Nikon S3300 colour range

The Nikon S3300 colour range

The S3300 also comes with an HD movie mode, a 6x zoom and a 2.7 inch LCD display screen – an impressive size for such a small camera. Sadly there is no touchscreen ability here but you will find a built-in flash and a creative retouching option.

If you’re feeling a bit on the fence about the Coolpix S3300 then this may help: Nikon have claimed that this model’s predecessor (the S3100) was the highest selling camera of 2011 and based on current trends, the S3300 has built itself a very good reputation indeed.

View the Nikon Coolpix S3300 range at here


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