The Nikon 1 camera as seen on the ‘Nikon – 1 Click Ahead’ advert

Never miss a picture again? Nikon's J1 and V1

Recently it seems impossible to flick through the TV channels without catching a glimpse of one of Nikon’s new adverts. You know the ones, with the song you can’t get out of your head (it’s Radical Face’s ‘Welcome Home’, in case you were wondering). Nikon are releasing camera after camera to maximise their slick advertising campaign and show no hint of slowing down.

The Nikon 1 is a fully featured, compact system, ‘point and shoot' camera. It comes in 2 models the smaller ‘J1‘ and the more expensive ‘V1'. The headline from the Nikon TV adverts is ‘1 click ahead‘; this is the Nikon 1's ability to start recording before you fully press the shutter button and continue after you’ve clicked it. Both the J1 and V1 feature Ultra fast lens and full HD video capture with the possibility of capturing full-resolution stills during recording.

The Nikon J1 and V1

The Nikon J1 and V1

Nikon’s new system camera is living proof that size definitely does not matter. While the Nikon 1 may come in a small package, it boasts up to the minute technology that promises to help you capture your most memorable moments forever. Complete with a 10.1 megapixel sensor and the world’s fastest AF system (according to Nikon), the V1 can shoot at a mind blowing speed of 60 frames/second. Not only this, it features not one but two slow motion options and has the ability to shoot HD video of the highest quality. Nikon’s mission statement with both the V1 and J1 models was to bring consumers a quality compact system camera that both looked great and was easy to use. The V1 is available in black or white and the J1 is available in a range of colours, both adhere to the standard Nikon school of design. Not only do they look great, they are also lightweight, which anybody who has spent a holiday lugging around a day bag full of ‘essentials’ knows is key.

The V1 is the more luxurious camera of the two, costing a good £200 more than the J1 (depending on kit purchased). It also features a viewfinder that is not available on the J1, meaning you’ll be relying solely on the screen if you opt for the cheaper model. Additionally, the V1 features both electronic and mechanical shutter options, whereas the J1 has only electronic.

The Nikon J1 colour range

The Nikon J1 colour range

Though it made be the cheaper option, the J1 does have a few perks over the V1 model. It comes with a built-in flash that isn’t present on the V1 and, if outward appearances are important to you, the J1 comes with more colour options than its big brother.

So there you have it. Both the V1 and J1 cameras are bursting at the seams with technology to help your photos shine. The main issue with the V1 was the jaw-dropping price. When released the V1 was £829 for the 10-30mm zoom lens kit and £979 for the dual lens outfit. These prices put the V1 system camera in the realm of larger digital SLR cameras. However, prices have dropped significantly with the V1 now available at with cashback from £499. Prices for the J1, again with cashback at Jessops start at £299.

View the Nikon J1 range at here

View the Nikon V1 rnage at here


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