Top Ten Fitness Gadgets

Our Ten Picks of the Best Gadgets for Fitness Fanatics

For all those fitness fanatics out there, we think we’ve found the ultimate top ten guide to the best fitness gadgets around this Christmas, featuring a hefty range of pedometers and fitness trackers along with the latest in in-ear, on-foot (and underwater) sound systems.

For the tech-savvy activity addicts, let them track every move with the Nike+ Fuelband, as seen on the Gadget Show. This smart little wristband allows you to fully activate your fitness potential by making literally every move count. Set goals, draw up charts using the relevant smartphone apps available and monitor just how much you can fit in to each day. Alternatively, opt for the jazzy little Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker, which syncs wirelessly to your own online and mobile dashboard, is available in a great range of bright colours and is so perfectly dinky that you can even clip it on to your bra.

To keep those feet moving the Bose SIE2i In-Ear Sport Headphones combine uncompromising Bose sound quality with earpieces specially designed to withstand lashings of sweat and Great British weather. There is also a smart remote to allow track skipping and selection without needing to reach for the device. If dry land’s not their thing, the Speedo Aquabeat underwater MP3 player offers underwater listening with 4GB and up to 25 hours of play time, and the neat little gadget also has a radio.

Check out the full list of our top ten gadgets for fitness fanatics below, where you can find out more information and proceed to the checkout.

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