Trace Me Luggage Tag as seen on This Morning

As seen on This Morning – TRACE ME traceable Luggage Tag

As seen on This Morning during the Travel gadgets and gizmos section, Trace Me is a highly durable luggage tag that has its own serial number and bar-code, linked to your personal details. If your luggage is lost, the airline or local authority will scan your bag or check the details on-line and you will automatically get a text telling you where your lost bag is.

TRACE ME is available from for £12.99.

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Trace Me Luggage Tag

A traceable Tag for your Bag...I'm a Poet and dont know it

Apparently 37 million pieces of baggage were lost worldwide in air transit last year. Once lost, attempting to get bags back can be the stuff of nightmares. Well now you can be sure to locate your bag when the airline can't. Trace Me Luggage Tracker is a durable tag that securely fastens to your suitcase and sports a unique serial number and barcode. No matter where your bag lands, the local handling official or police can scan your barcode, or read your registration number, and your name and details will pop up on the property ownership register at You will then receive a text and email enabling you to tell the airline exactly where your bag is!

The personal details that match you to your TRACE ME protected luggage will not appear on the tag because they are safely and securely stored in the worlds largest property ownership register: So you no longer need to risk identity or other kinds of theft by writing your name and address on your bags.

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