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Stephen Fry Gadget Man Episode 3 – Work Made Easy

The third episode of Stephen Fry: Gadget Man looks at the latest gadgetry guaranteed make any work place more fun. Gadgets at the top end range from the Scanomat Top Brewer coffee machine, controlled by a coffee menu app downloadable to your iPhone, to the Podtime in-office sleeping pod, which is apparently used at the Google offices to accommodate all those power-nappers. The retail price fetches at a not-too-shocking £1375, and you can find them right here at Firebox. At the lower end of the scale there’s the Ostrich Pillow; the power-napper’s next best bet. It’s basically a cushion which you wear over your entire head so you can snooze comfortably at your desk, and even has a place to rest your hands.

The first real gadget to catch our eye, though, was the iRobot Roomba Vacuum Cleaner, which is also available as a Scooba Floor Washer. This wireless little device is about 34cm in diameter and will find its way around the office without crashing into your feet. Alternatively, there’s the Roboscooper; a mini robot that ranges freely picking up rubbish from the floor with its robotic hands.

To digitalise the manual world of meetings, Fry suggests the Livescribe Pen, which allows you to record what you write using an infrared camera in the tip and captures up to 400 hours of audio for you to transfer directly to your computer. To keep his desk sleek and tidy Stephen Fry had a number of great gadgets, including the Converge multiple docking system, the Space Bar desktop stand, the Scratch n Scroll mouse mat and the Contort; a flexible, multi socket USB port, which prevents cables breaking at the socket as well providing a reel for cord management. The Stealth Tap, too, is a handy gadget which you attach to your computer and can then tap with your foot to click out of Facebook just as the boss walks past.

Finally, Fry’s guest Alan Sugar presents us with the YouView; a TV box that allows you to scroll back through old TV programmes shown as much as seven days ago, with no subscriptions and built in PVR functions including pause, record and rewind.

See the products featured in this episode of Stephen Fry: Gadget Man below:

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Also featured in episode 3 of Stephen Fry: Gadget Man

Scanomat Top Brewer – iPhone/iPad app controlled coffee machine

Ostrich Pillow – Nap anywhere with this head-worn cushion

Roboscooper – litter-picking robot


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