Gadgets and Gifts for Mum

Gadgets and Gifts for Mum

Every Mum loves a gadget, she just might not know it. But whether she knows her Dyson from her DAB or not, we’ve made sure to include a whole range of different kinds of gadgets to suit the tech-savvy and the not so technologically minded Mum. We’ve got almighty kitchen utensils like the Panasonic Bread Maker as well as the little Garlic Zoom, as seen on Stephen Fry: Gadget Man; there are Kindles and Personalised Kindle Cases; even Gaiam Super Grip Yoga Socks and the Fitbit Zip for active Mum and the snazzy i-Robot Scooba 230 Floor Washer.

The i-Robot 230 Floor Washer (set in a higher price bracket, i-Robot also do excellent Roomba Vacuum Cleaners) is a brilliantly compact device which is said to get rid of around 97% of dirt and other nasties from all sorts of surfaces including hardwood. Look to the innovative Grippy Pad as seen on Stephen Fry: Gadget Man, for the ultimate gadget for gadgets, which supposedly borrows from the design of gecko’s feet. Gadgets remarkably stick the simple-looking silicone pad whether it’s on your car’s dashboard or on your fridge.

The Breville VTP159 Cupcake Maker comes in candy-coloured baby pink and cooks an impressive 8 cupcakes in less than half the time it usually would, as well as taking the hassle out of baking with its non-stick hotplates to make for an easy clean. The added bonus that makes it a great gift is that it comes complete with a recipe and baking guide.

For more gadgets Mum will love check out the full list below, where you can find out more information and place your order.

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