Elephant Branded as seen on BBC3’s Be Your Own Boss

Elephant Branded Products as seen on Be Your Own Boss

As seen on the last episode of BBC3‘s new series, Be Your Own Boss, ElephantBranded sell ethically made, recycled bags and related products. For each product it sells, it donates a school bag and kit to a child in Africa or Asia. The company’s founder, James Boon came up with the idea for Elephant Branded after working and travelling in Africa and Asia, where he was shocked by the basic level of school equipment. Together with business partner Tim Mendelssohn who he met at Bath University, they have taken Elephant Branded from market stall and pop up shop to the shelves of John Lewis.

James and Tim faced a number of tough decisions during their appearance on Be Your Own Boss. In particular Tim faced the dilemma of whether to take a graduate job opportunity or continue to work full time with Elephant Branded. However, the pair impressed Richard Reed during the episode by selling over a thousand bags and receiving an order from a retailer worth over £10,000. Ultimately though Richard decided not to invest, but Elephant Branded has continued to develop and can be found at selected John Lewis stores and at JohnLewis.com (see below)

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See the ElephantBranded range at JohnLewis.com here >

One Elephant…One Idea. Supporting education in Africa and Asia.

Why do some children have the right to an education whilst others don't?

One Elephant…One Idea. By buying one of our products, we donate school kit to children in Africa or Asia. Simple as that.

Our mission

To make a positive, long term, sustainable change to the communities that produce our products and the children that receive our school kits. One Elephant…One Idea.

What we do?

It’s name is ElephantBranded and the idea is simple. You buy one ethically made, recycled bag or related product and we give one ergonomically designed school bag and kit to a child in Africa or Asia. Simple as that. We pay a fair, competitive wage to local villagers who make our bag out of locally sourced, recycled materials. Not only do they get a fair, reasonable wage but they also have the opportunity to learn valuable skills that permit them to have a sustainable, effective way to get out of poverty. Then we sell it to people like you.

The Elephant has just stepped outside. Now we have to keep him there.


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