Gadgets and Gifts for the Gardener

Gadgets and Gifts for the Green Fingered

Our Christmas gadget and gift selection tailored specially for the green fingered comes full of handy little gadgets that will suit every gardener, from the casual boarder weeder to the expert topiary architect. At the top of the list is the super-smart and incredibly simple Wheelbarrow Booster as seen on Dragons’ Den, which is said to boost capacity by a staggering 300%. That means that, really, the booster gives you three wheelbarrows in one.

Take bird-watching to a whole new level with the Bird Nest Box complete with a Day/Night Vision Camera, or opt for the High Definition Time Lapse Camera, where you can record over long periods of time so you can watch how your garden grows. For those who don’t like getting actual green fingers, the battery-run Bosch Isio Shrub and Edge Shear complete with Laura Ashley Gloves allows you to trim those shrubs and shear those hedges without getting your hands remotely dirty.

For the horticultural eco-warrior, the Roberts Solar DAB 2 Digital Radio is a retro inspired gadget with inbuilt, up-to-the-minute solar power technology, which means that come Spring time you can listen to your favourite gardening jams non-stop, so long as the sun complies.

See the full list of our top gardening gadgets for the green fingered below, where you can also find more in-depth information and follow the link to buy now:

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