Kitchen & Cooking Gadgets as seen on Stephen Fry: Gadget Man

Stephen Fry: Gadget Man – Kitchen & Cooking Gadgets

The all new gadget show on Channel 4 sees Britain’s favourite national treasure, Stephen Fry, become the ultimate ‘Gadget Man‘ as he investigates, celebrates and puts to the test the newest, smartest gadgets; many of which we can put to use in our day to day living. Episode 2, the latest in the series, is dedicated to all things foodie. Fry takes a look at kitchen gadgets that range from the simple to the spectacular as he prepares a fully gadgetised meal for his dinner party guests.

The first of Fry’s handy gadgets to catch our eye was the Yoke Shopper; a tiny and incredibly innovative device that allows you to carry several shopping bags all in one go. The little gadget clips a bunch of plastic bag handles together, while its extendable strap fits over your shoulder, allowing you to carry multiple bags entirely hands free.

The preparation of the dinner party included various brilliant foodie gadgets perfect for easing the trickiest of common cooking duties. Our favourite was the Chef’n Garlic Zoom; no more fiddly chopping with a knife followed by rigorous hand-washing for the rest of the evening: simply peel the clove, stuff it in the little gadget and roll it across your work-surface and you’ll find yourself with perfectly chopped garlic. Also featured was the Cherry Chomper cherry stoner (which also pits olives) and the Pineapple Slicer and Wedger: an ingenious gadget that supposedly allows you to peel, core, slice and wedge a pineapple in less time than it takes to open a can.

Going for a more grown-up dinner party than the pineapple chunks might suggest, Stephen Fry uses the Sous Vide Supreme to cook his steaks to succulent perfection. What is basically a tub of water can be set to cook meat at the right temperature according to whatever temperature the meat is in its most perfectly cooked state. And as it’s kept in a vacuum pack, none of the juices or nutrients escape leaving you with one exceptionally tasty steak. For the health conscious chip-enthusiasts, the Philips Airfryer creates light and fluffy chips in 5 minutes with just one teaspoon of oil combined with a whole load of hot air. Another shortcut is the Vinturi Aerator; a gravity driven wine decanter and aerator which speeds up the process of breathing to the half-minute it might take you to pour your guest’s glass.

See the products featured in this episode of Stephen Fry: Gadget Man below

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Also featured in episode 1 of Stephen Fry: Gadget Man

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Le Whaf – vaporise your drinks and cocktails into drinkable clouds

Big Green Egg – Ceramic clay barbecue

BarbeSkew – Coal burning BBQ that rotates your food

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