Gadgets and Gifts for Dad

Christmas Gadgets and Gifts for Dads

Our list of Christmas gifts for Dads comes packed full of great new gadgets as well as gifts to champion that classic Dad style. We’ve found The World’s Best Christmas Jumpers knitted to pastiche perfection, Big Face Gorilla T-Shirts and, for those whose Dads prefer a crisp white shirt to life-like gorilla tees, the Shirt Shuttle MK2 as seen on Stephen Fry: Gadget Man. This clever little gadget allows you to travel without the fear of your shirt ending in a crumpled mess. It includes a folding board inside a high strength, lightweight and waterproof case and it easily fits into suitcases.

If your Dad won’t stop going on about how much better computer games were in his day, then take a look at the Tetris Light. This table-top light is designed as separate coloured Tetris blocks that activate when they touch, so Dad can be kept quiet building shapes while you get back to Fifa. For the Dad less reluctant to move into this century, check out the ION Conversion Turntable for iPad, iPod and iPhone, which allows you to transfer all those old LPs straight to your device, with a little help from the EZ Vinyl and Tape Converter app. You can then keep your vinyl collection on your computer; all digitalised and ready to go.

We’ve also included the Sonos PLAY:3 Wireless Music System, which has great quality sound matched with great wireless technology, allowing you to stream music from anywhere and everywhere using your iPhone or Android device. The JCB Tradesman Sim Free Mobile is also top of our list. As the world’s first floating mobile phone, it’s built with military standard toughness and has been tested in the most extreme environments, even the dashboard of a works Transit Van.

See below for the full list of our Christmas gifts for Dad below, where you can also find more in-depth information and follow the link to buy now:

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