Our Top Ten Best Sledges

Our Top Ten best Sledge selection

SNOW DAY!!! Well, for those lucky enough to get a day off work or school…and yes, we appreciate that the arrival of the white stuff means nothing but difficulty and misery for a lot of people. But us determined sledgers have to make the most of those few days that we can indulge the simple but exhilarating pleasure of sliding down a steep, snowy slope on…..well anything that slides basically. This season though, ditch the bin bags and wooden health and safety hazard and get prepared to sledge with speed, style and safety by browsing our selection of the best sledges around. From £5 to £99, big, small, sledges for 2 people, for little people, even inflatable sledges – we've found a whole range of sledging options; now hurry up, before the sledging season is over again for another winter.

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