TDK 2 Speaker Boombox as seen on Something for the Weekend

As seen on Stuff.TV's Cool List 2011 – The Boombox makes a comeback!

As seen on Something for the Weekend gadget round up, the TDK Boombox brings the eighties Ghetto Blaster bang up to date. The SFTW gadget gremlin appeared to be at work again as Tim, Lucy and Marcus Brigstocke could not get the Boombox to work fully and were unable to demonstrate it's amazing sound. However, it's clear that this is a quality item; with a nod to the retro hi-fi of the '80s but made with a futuristic piano-black gloss acrylic frontage, touch-sensitive controls, multiple audio inputs and chunky aluminum handle. The TDK2 Speaker Boombox‘s coolness has been further endorsed by featuring at Number 2 in Stuff.TV‘s ‘The 2011 Cool List‘. The TDK Boombox is now available in the UK in 2 and 3 speaker versions, with prices starting from £299.

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TDK Boombox as seen on SFTW

Despite Tim and Lucy furiously twiddling with his knob, Marcus Brigstocke's equipment refused to work...fnar

The TDK Boombox also comes in a 3 speaker version. It is equally stunning to look at with a central 6-inch subwoofer while two 6-inch drivers either side of it take care of the crystal clear stereo sound – a bit like a 3D Super Woofer from back in the day!!

Click here to view the TDK 3 speaker Boombox at

TDK 2 and 3 speaker Boombox

TDK 2 and 3 speaker Boombox

The multiple ports on the back of the Boombox will cater for all sorts of devices – from MP3 players to mixing desks. You can even blend inputs together so you can play along with your electric guitar or mic up and sing along to your favourite tracks.

Boombox Volume Control goes to 11!

Volume goes to 11! Very Spinal Tap. Why does the volume on the BBC iPlayer go to 11?

About the TDK 3 Speaker Boombox

  • Portable sound system
  • High-excursion dedicated 6-inch subwoofer provides deep, accurate bass
  • Two powerful 6-inch coaxial drivers deliver clear vocals and crisp highs
  • Play your iPod/iPhone music while charging using the USB to 30 pin
  • Apple cable
  • Using the rotary dial and front facing screen, play and control music
    directly from storage devices including USB flash and external hard drives
  • Padded aluminium handle provides protection and premium feel
  • Input options let you connect most audio devices and mix with an

Technical Specifications:

  • Speakers: Two 6-inch coaxial drivers plus subwoofer
  • Inputs:
    • USB (iPod/iPhone with included 30 pin cable)
    • 3.5mm audio jack (cable included)
    • Auxiliary audio jack for instrument and mix
    • AM/FM with 5 presets


  • Boombox
  • AC power supply
  • USB to 30 pin Apple cable

Battery Requirements:

  • 12x D batteries – not included


  • Measures approximately 60m(W) x 39.5cm(H) x 15cm(D)
  • Weight: 14.4 kg

The TDK Boombox 2 and 3 speaker versions are also available at – check below for buying options and current prices.



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