Samson Meteor USB Mic as seen on Something for the Weekend

As seen on SFTW – Testing 1,2 – The Samson Meteor Mic

As seen on Something for the Weekend, the Samson Meteor USB Mic is a retro styled desktop mic with outstanding performance for users who demand the best sound quality. Gadget girl Lucy Hedges introduced the Samson Meteor to guest Marcus Brigstocke who proceeded to test the mic by beat-boxing into it, (he's pretty good, search it on You Tube!). The Samson Meteor Mic is available at for £99

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Samson Meteor USB Mic on SFTW

Brigstocke beatboxes into the Samson Meteor - mm tst mm tst widda widda wah

Record pitch-perfect audio on your PC with the Samson Meteor USB Mic. Not only will this chrome-plated gizmo look great on your desk, it’ll also capture sound at CD-quality 16-bit resolution. Great for recording music and audio blogs; or using Skype, iChat or voice recognition software.

The cleverly-designed legs are hinged – allowing you to adjust the recording angle, or fold them up completely for easy transport. Folded up like this, they’ll also protect the microphone head from any knocks and bumps in transit.

Samson Meteor USB Mic

the unique folding legs help protect it and make it easy to adjust the angle during recording

Product Features:

  • Universal solution for recording music on your computer
  • Large (25mm) diaphragm condenser for rich audio recording
  • Patent pending fold-back leg design
  • Durable zinc, chrome-plated body
  • Plugs directly into any computer with a USB input, no drivers required
  • Compatible with most computer-based digital audio workstation
  • Headphone volume control with microphone mute switch
  • Includes USB cable and carry pouch

Technical Specifications:

  • Cardioid pickup pattern
  • Smooth, flat frequency response of 20Hz – 20kHz
  • CD quality, 16-bit, 44.1/48kHz resolution
  • Stereo 1/8-inch headphone jack for no latency monitoring

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