Our Top Ten Best Sledges

Our Top Ten best Sledge selection

SNOW DAY!!! Well, for those lucky enough to get a day off work or school…and yes, we appreciate that the arrival of the white stuff means nothing but difficulty and misery for a lot of people. But us determined sledgers have to make the most of those few days that we can indulge the simple but exhilarating pleasure of sliding down a steep, snowy slope on…..well anything that slides basically. This season though, ditch the bin bags and wooden health and safety hazard and get prepared to sledge with speed, style and safety by browsing our selection of the best sledges around. From £5 to £99, big, small, sledges for 2 people, for little people, even inflatable sledges – we've found a whole range of sledging options; now hurry up, before the sledging season is over again for another winter.

Bump Skid Snow Sledge

Have endless hours of fun in the snow with this exciting Bump Skid Sledge. A grip handle and spherical shape ensures a go on this sledge will make you first to the bottom of the slope with ease! Age Range: 3yrs+ .


Bobkat Snow Sledge

This Bobcat sledge from Mookie is a sleek red sledge for sledging down snow covered hills this winter. Your little one can have hours of fun going to the top of the hill and back down again on the Bobcat sledge. Constructed out of tough, blow moulded plastic, the Bobcat can support children up to a weight of 60kg. A towrope makes it easier to tow the sledge back up to the top of the hill so that they can go again.


Snow Boogie Inflatable Sledges (Penguin)

This fantastic value and inflatable penguin sled has been constructed from heavy duty cold resistant PVC Vinyl. It also features 2 sturdy grip handles and comes with 2 repair pieces.The Penguin sled makes a great present that kids will love! Also, once the snow has cleared it can be deflated and folded for convenient storage.


Wham-O Snow Boogie Air Disc

Maximum fun comes included when you buy this Snow Boogie Air Disc Foam Saucer Sledge. It seems that with sledges that the ones that are the fastest and offer the most thrills and spills, are most often the ones with the simplest of designs.This Air Disc measures 25" in diameter and being made of foam is featherweight. The good news is that it comes with two very strong PE grip handles, which believe us you will need as you will be holding very tight as you positively rocket downhill on this slick bottomed sledge.Being round there is certainly some crazy fun to be had on the slopes with this model.


Snow Boogie Air Thunder Sledge

Speed down snow covered hills on this SnowBoogie Air Thunder sled. You will stand out as you race down the hill with this fast, junior sled.This foam sled with a plastic skin is approximately 40'' long, with strong handles to grip onto as you slide down hill, and the vibrant colours with teardrop designs become a colourful blur as you race down hill. You will be able to go faster and travel further thanks to the Air Thunder's slick skin bottom. The SnowBoogie Air Thunder is a lightweight sled, making it easier to carry back up the hill for repeat trips.


Snow Max Sledge, Blue

Fly down the snow slopes with the Snow Max sledge! This robust yet lightweight and flexible blue sledge features a pull rope and rubber handles for easy use. The Snow Max sledge is fully assembled for instant fun straight out of the box.Suitable for children aged 3 years+.


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