Gadgets and Gifts for Mum

Gadgets and Gifts for Mum

Every Mum loves a gadget, she just might not know it. But whether she knows her Dyson from her DAB or not, we’ve made sure to include a whole range of different kinds of gadgets to suit the tech-savvy and the not so technologically minded Mum. We’ve got almighty kitchen utensils like the Panasonic Bread Maker as well as the little Garlic Zoom, as seen on Stephen Fry: Gadget Man; there are Kindles and Personalised Kindle Cases; even Gaiam Super Grip Yoga Socks and the Fitbit Zip for active Mum and the snazzy i-Robot Scooba 230 Floor Washer.

The i-Robot 230 Floor Washer (set in a higher price bracket, i-Robot also do excellent Roomba Vacuum Cleaners) is a brilliantly compact device which is said to get rid of around 97% of dirt and other nasties from all sorts of surfaces including hardwood. Look to the innovative Grippy Pad as seen on Stephen Fry: Gadget Man, for the ultimate gadget for gadgets, which supposedly borrows from the design of gecko’s feet. Gadgets remarkably stick the simple-looking silicone pad whether it’s on your car’s dashboard or on your fridge.

The Breville VTP159 Cupcake Maker comes in candy-coloured baby pink and cooks an impressive 8 cupcakes in less than half the time it usually would, as well as taking the hassle out of baking with its non-stick hotplates to make for an easy clean. The added bonus that makes it a great gift is that it comes complete with a recipe and baking guide.

For more gadgets Mum will love check out the full list below, where you can find out more information and place your order.


Kindle Paperwhite (5th generation), 6" High Resolution Display (212 ppi) with Built-in Light, Wi-Fi

Patented built-in light evenly illuminates the screen to provide the perfect reading experience in all lighting conditions. Paperwhite has 62% more pixels for unsurpassed resolution, 25% better contrast for sharp, dark text. Even in bright sunlight, Paperwhite delivers clear, crisp text and images with no glare. New hand-tuned fonts - 6 font styles, 8 adjustable sizes. 8-week battery life, even with the light on. Holds up to 1,100 books - take your library wherever you go. Built-in Wi-Fi lets you download books in under 60 seconds. New Time to Read feature uses your reading speed to let you know when you'll finish your chapter. Massive book selection, and low prices. With over 650,000 titles and 200,000 Kindle-exclusive titles.


Fitbit Zip, Wireless Activity Tracker, Magenta

The Zip wireless activity tracker lets you track your steps, distance and calories burned. It syncs the stats to your computer, iPhone 4s and iPhone 5. Zip celebrates how much more you do each day. It encourages you to set goals, challenge friends, and go farther - one step at time. By showing you how your day is stacking up, Zip encourages you to get up and go…and keep going! It helps you make those small changes that can add up to something big. Wear it in your pocket, on a belt, or a bra – this tracker is as discreet or as visible as you want it to be. It's silicone clip will keep you comfortable throughout the day.Zip is also rain, splash, and sweat-proof.


Panasonic SD-2500WXC Bread Maker, White

Wake up to the smell of freshly baked bread in the morning, with the Panasonic SD-2500WXC bread maker. Finished in white and with cool-touch housing, this Panasonic bread maker features a useful 13 hour time delay , allowing you to set it to bake overnight and be ready for you in the morning. The control panel is angled and easy to use, and this appliance easily caters for particular dietary requirements, including gluten free, low salt and high fibre. Beautifully designed paddles ensure that every loaf is kneaded to perfection, while a rapid bake option produces a basic loaf in just two hours.


i-Robot Scooba 230 Floor Washer

The iRobot Scooba® 230 Floor Washing Robot packs extensive robotic and cleaning technology into a sleek, compact package to quickly and easily wash the floors in your kitchen, bathroom and other high-traffic areas Using only fresh solution from start to finish, Scooba neutralizes up to from sealed hardwood, tile and linoleum floors. Using a rigorous Scooba 230 washes, scrubs, and then squeegee-vacuums for squeaky-clean results. Unlike a mop and bucket, the Scooba only uses clean water or solution to wash your floors The Scooba cleverly avoids stairs and other drop off points around your home and stays in the room you want it to clean and out of the ones you don’t.


Pure Evoke Mio DAB/FM Digital Radio by Orla Kiely, Stem Edition

Orla Kiely has bought her unique design signature to the Pure Evoke Mio DAB radio. It allows reception of numerous DAB stations and also your favourite FM stations, all with an iconic retro-yet-modern 1950s design twist You'll enjoy crystal clear digital sound through the built-in 3" full-range speaker not only from DAB transmissions but also from your iPod, MiniDisc or portable music player thanks to the auxiliary input.


Dyson DC34 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

The Dyson DC34 is a lightweight handheld vacuum cleaner that removes pet hair easily and efficiently. With Root Cyclone? technology, it captures more dirt and microscopic dust than most handheld cleaners.With a wide debris nozzle/brush tool, the Dyson vacuum is perfect for keeping surfaces free of large dirt and dust particles. The 22.2V lithium-ion battery releases charge evenly, while the dual power mode provides 15 minutes of high constant suction, perfect for tough cleaning jobs.Complete with a crevice tool, the DC34 handheld vacuum cleaner can also be used to clean skirting boards, picture rails and furniture crevices.


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